Monday, 23 November 2009

Slides from talk: Ypnos: Declarative, Parallel Structured Grid Programming

Slides from this talk, given on Friday 20th November at the CPRG weekly seminar, can be found here. The paper accompanying the talk can be found here.

Talk abstract:

A fully automatic, compiler-driven approach to parallelisation can result in unpredictable time and space costs for compiled code. On the other hand, a fully manual approach to parallelisation can be long, tedious, prone to errors, hard to debug, and often architecture-specific. This talk presents a declarative domain-specific language, Ypnos, for expressing structured grid computations which encourages manual specification of causally sequential operations but then allows a simple, predictable, static analysis to generate optimised, parallel implementations. Ypnos is sufficiently restricted such that optimisation and parallelisation is guaranteed.

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